Stainless steel parts need to pay attention to what

Stainless steel is good texture, and is not easy to rust, can be made into a variety of products, which can be used in many areas. Stainless steel pieces of processing has become a more popular topic. In the production of these parts when the production, need to pay attention to what? As far as possible to avoid the occurrence of bad conditions, so in the production of time, you can follow a reasonable way and method, only every aspect of attention, in order to grow to create a more excellent quality products.
Stainless steel also exhibits a higher strain hardening tendency, due to natural causes of this material will increase the groove wear and lead to cutting edge micro-collapse. The correct micro-groove of the cutting edge can compensate for this because the sharp cutting edge can weaken the strain hardening during the cutting process. The depth of cut needs to be continuously varied so as to minimize the risk of excessive trench wear when cutting the strain hardened layer, and the feed rate should be as high as possible. Stainless steel pieces of processing this is also should pay special attention.
Stainless steel has a low thermal conductivity, which means that only less heat will be discharged through the chip. More heat will be transferred to the cutting edge and make it heat, so cutting materials, high temperature hardness is very important. Select the cutting speed and feed should be careful to limit the heat and make the chip has the greatest heat absorption capacity. Plastic deformation is the typical consequence of stainless steel tool wear. When the stainless steel is machined, the cutting forces are at the same level, so there is no need to take special precautions to compensate for the cutting force, and there is no need to limit the depth of cutting and the feed compared to the steel application.
Stainless steel wear resistance of this material is relatively good, so the stainless steel pieces of the production process, the need to pay attention to this point, try to choose the kind of more efficient work of the product. Stainless steel products processing, to take into account the characteristics of this material of stainless steel, but also need to produce according to the characteristics of different stainless steel parts, we can find that all aspects are with a good, are made in order to ensure that the production of stainless steel Product quality is good.